24 October 2008

Saiko Race on 09.11.2008

Often called the "Rund um den Henninger Turm" of the East, the JCRC race at Saiko is undoubtedly one of the more charming races of the season. An almost flat round course around one of the Fuji lakes [I hasten to add that nevertheless David and me experienced some problems at the hills in the past], beautiful autumn scenery with a splendid view on this big mountain which name just doesn't come to my mind, tasty mushroom pasta at Cafe M, a handy rotemburo and some racing can make a very nice weekend out there [which accidentally collides with the Cycle Mode Show].

POSITIVO ESPRESSO and it's associated teams and friends has a rich history of splendid appearances at Saiko, going back to the year 2003. I guess that nobody will ever forget the display of pure discipline and willpower of the now almost defunct IRISH ROVERS time trial team in 2006, as evidenced in this photo.
In the same year, David, heavy on drugs, tried to overtake the pace making motorcycle at the start in a show of utter determination. In combination with me, we completely exhausted ourselves then on the first lap only to find ourselves trailing everybody during the final and second lap.

Jan Ullrich crashed here during his short-lived return to pro-cycling in 2007 and was not seen ever since.

Many children of Positivo Espresso team members were forced by their fathers to start their [extremely short] cycling careers at the shores of this lake. The lake must be full of tears.

This year the whole Kraehe family will start at Saiko [with the exception of my dear wife; I wrote to JCRC to finally add a new category: "75m shopping on a electric-bike while talking on the mobile phone" where I am pretty sure she would make a good finish, but they have not even added the now obligatory mama charinko class]. Chief assistant Jacques D. from the legion etrangere will also attend. And newcomer Ludwig aka Manfred von Holsten as well.

I have also put in a registration for the team time trial at 7:20 AM, where so far only Jacques and me are nominated. So please feel free to join us.

And of course I hope that I will be able to celebrate the win of the JCRC championship at Saiko after the race [I really shouldn't write these things].

Anyway, what I just wanted to write is, that the damned deadline for race registration is on Wednesday next week. If you want to come, don't miss it.

Like Andreas Moeller, famous German soccer star answered the question for which club be would like to play with "Milano or Madrid, it doesn't matter as long as it is in Italy.", I would like to say "X or D class, it doesn't matter, as long as ... whatever."

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