31 October 2008

Map My Ride Software

Through TCC I was forced to use the Map My Ride Software. Which was actually good, because it is a very convenient tool to outline cycle tours on the PC, without needing GPS hardware. There might be better systems available, I don't know but I would recommend this one to outline weekend tours and use the data for communication on the Positivo Espresso Blog.

Here is a typical example, outlining the approach to Matsuhime Toge from Okutama. I think James also used something similar when posting the tour next weekend. One can also embed the maps into the blog which I will try, hopefully it will work out.

And here is Tom's favorite OHSMK-loop (Otarumi, Hinazuru, Suzugane, Matsuhime, Kazahari):

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TOM said...

Thanks Michael...I tried it as well successfully too on my own blog's entry of today.