23 October 2008

Proposal for Sunday 26th October

Sunday Ride, Ebisu Stn 6:30am, David L. House 7:00am (or so), Sekidobashi 7:45am(ish?) - Ride to Takao Seven-Eleven, if time quick Otarumi TT, return, back at Ebisu by midday, from Central Tokyo this is approx. 120km round trip.

MK's Positivo Quote 14 July:
"It is always difficult to ride with new riders when you don`t know how good they are. If they are fast you are looking stupid and you have to exhaust yourself to keep on. If they are slow you either a) bitch about that because they were invited by other members from the group or b) you wait for them impatiently because you have brought them with you and everybody else is bitching."

With this in mind this ride should be considered a friendly junk mile trip..


mob said...

Thanks for the good proposal. I would have loved to join this one, in particular in view of the fact that one can concentrate fully on the Otarumi TT. But I am off to JCRC race #10 at Yokkaichi in Mie-Ken on Saturday and Sunday.

Next week should be ok, but then we will also have LOVE CYCLE.

It's good to do a lot of short trips in the autumn/winter season.

IF you go for a TT, please take two times, one at the 7-Eleven and one at the Family Mart opposite the Takaoguchi Parking Space.

In order to have a comparison with the TCC guys I will update the Togebaka for Otarumi from Family Mart to Overpass at Otarumi in the future.

David L. said...

James: I would be delighted to join on Sunday. I'll watch for you and others at my house around 7AM. Weather forecast looks like it will probably be dry.

Michael: Let's move the Otarumi start to the Family Mart opposite Takaosanguchi parking lot, but then we should act decisively and make that the only start, rather than tracking two different distances. Would you ask Cancellara to compete in a 10K TT and a 5K TT at the same time, with Zabriskie doing only the 5K TT?

mob said...

Ahem ... I guess the answer should be a decisive No?

Ok, let's move the start point to the Family Mart and once we have the first time, we will update the Otarumi Togebaka accordingly. Please also note that the new (TCC) finish is the overpass and not the rest point on the left after the pass.