23 October 2008

Tokyo Endurance Race Update 14.12.08

Here is a short update of the recent developments:

I have registered one 4 rider mixed team (must be paid by 14/11) with the idea to have Juliane, David, me plus Laurent in this team (Jacques has dropped out in the meantime).

I have registered another 3 rider team for Jacques, but as he dropped out that could be used by Tom, his daughter and my son if this is OK for all parties involved.

Ludwig has found a place in the
D team of the TCC.

The organizer have closed the registration - was written on the TCC website, but I cannot confirm this. But when I checked today, I found out the the race will be held not only on Sunday 14/12,
but on Saturday 13/12 as well.

A world of new possibilities.

We can attend both days, stay the night in Tachikawa and have a bonenkai there - at least I will propose this to the TCC. By the way I challenged them that we will have a better result than their A team. So please ride fast or be willing to pay.

I would like to conclude the registration in the coming days. So please let me know, if you would attend and be ready to pay the registration fee of 6.500 JPY/person which I will forward.
We can also take Tom instead of Laurent in the 4 rider mixed team and forget about the second team.


TOM said...

Thank you Michael for organizing.

I would like to join the 4-member team on the same day as TCC's participation (Sat or Sun?...confusing) taking Laurent's place.

Beating the TCC A-Team will not be easy...those guys are strong & fast!

As to my daughter, I guess she's not ready yet for this kind of competitive event.

Also, please don't count me in for the bonenkai even if it is in Tachikawa.

mob said...

In response to this post I got some mails which I will summarize below:

- Juliane is out
- Tom's daughter is out
- Laurent might not be able to come
- Yes, one can use racing bikes
- TCC is registered and running on 14/12 (which includes Ludwig)
- One cannot change race registration from 14/12 to 13/12

That will leave David, Tom and me to attend as the Positivo Team on 14/12, in competition with the TCC teams.

I would suggest therefore that I only register the 3 men team and we forget about the 4 mixed team.

We might then "include" somehow a forth rider if there is demand. Actulally there is some experience in this regard, Jerome, Alain, Olivier, me and Jerome's two sons hve been one of the best 4 men team in the history of Tsukuba Endurance racing.

Tom, David, others, please let me know if this would be OK.

David L. said...

Thanks Michael. I'm in to ride with you and Tom as a 3 man team. Sounds good.

TOM said...

Ditto. Michael, let's go as a 3-man team!

mob said...

Thanks David and Tom for the quick answers, I will pay today. We may also consider to borrow Ludwig from the TCC team in case we should run out of steam.