29 October 2008

Proposed Ride - Sunday 1 November

Tokyo-Takao-Yabitsu-Odawara(-Tokyo) 130ishkm
Ebisu Stn. 6:30am.
David's Hse 7:00am.
Elsewhere as required.
Odawara - Tokyo via Shinkansen is 28mins and will require a bike bag (or several bin liners).
As per last Sunday, we should get to Takao around 8:30am.. arriving in Odawara around Midday at best guess.

Any suggestions or route changes gladly accepted.
If you're not in you're out :)


mob said...

I am in. Will meet you at david's house at 7 AM on Sunday.

Depending on the available time we can either take a shortcut and do not climb Yabitsu to be earlier in Odawara. Or whoever likes can continue the tour from Odwara. Like doing the Hakone climb. Or moving on to Atami and doing the Atami Toge climb.

David L. said...

I am in ... subject to work which threatens to intervene. Will confirm on Saturday, at least to Michael K. and/or James K.

James said...

Dominic and Ben will join too.
We should keep an eye on Dominic as this will be his first ride of more than 80kms with climbing.
Bryon and David C. will let me know later today or tomorrow.
I don't think anyone will be on a 'strict' timeline, but this ride should give us all plenty of options.
Looking forward to it.

mob said...

If OK with David, let's meet nevertheless 7 AM at his house on Sunday. I suggest we go to Otarumi, Miyagaseko and see how it is going, then we can make a decision if we want to climb Yabitsu or not. Or if we split into different groups. As long as we all ride together we should adust to the slowest rider. Otarumi time trial is the obvious exception.

I am also planning on Saturday to go to Takao, then cross over to Wada and return via Otarumi to Takao again, a short trip but with full effort on the Wada and Otarumi (other side) time trial. If anybody would like to join me, please let me know.

Monday plan is still open.

will make a short Wada Otarumi loop on Saturday morning.

David L. said...

It looks like I should be able to get away for this, as one of my weekend projects was postponed until next week. Also, my much younger colleague Tim Hewitt, who Michael and Juliane will remember from one ride this summer, also plans to join. See you at 7AM at my house.